Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Big Box Bang Baby.

I really hope the "big box" ordinance passes in Chicago...they can afford to pay their employees well. I really do not think it's going to hinder further development...I mean they're hungry to move into urban areas because they've run out of market space in the 'burbs. Also, I used to work in an industry directly affected by their influence on international pricing and buying, and I can assure you they're find some way to ease the sting of actually having to pay their employees a livable wage.

What really burns me up, though, is how the opponents to this are framing the issue. I heard one person on the radio trying to imply that this ordinance was union driven and wages would be the same as they are now once the unions extracted their dues. However, UNIONS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS! So basically her argument was an attempt to cloud the issue.

This wouldn't drive me so nuts if it weren't for the fact that a vast majority of the populace don't do their home work and actually believe any crazy conspiracy theory that catches their fancy.


Okay, I need to chill. Here's a super rare Flaming Lips nugget to a) cool me down and b) chill you out. Oh wait, they're the one band I CAN'T see at Lollapalooza next I'm getting ANGRY AGAIN!

The Flaming Lips "Enthusiasm For Life Defeats Existential Fear..."

UPDATE: It passed!

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