Friday, March 09, 2007

Digging through the review bin.

Digging through the review bin.

I owe a couple long-form reviews to donewaiting, but I wanted to kick out a couple shorties here on stuff I've heard recently.

Joss Stone
Introducing Joss Stone

Paul turned me on to her new single, "Put Your Hands on Me," and that definitely whet my appetite. The album itself is better than her previous efforts, but is (like just about everything released now) about five or six songs too long. She sticks with the R&B she's known for, but injects a little more hip-pop into the mix. This isn't some sort of grand artistic achievement, but it's a fun to listen to when I need a pick-me up.

MP3: Joss Stone "Put Your Hands on Me"


Kaiser Chiefs
Yours Truly, Angry Mob

Damon Albarn and Graham Coxon should file a lawsuit for plagiarism. I'll still pay to see 'em when they tour, since they totally kill on-stage.

(P.S. I actually do like the album, for what it is, but there's not an original bone in this band's body ... and I am totally okay with that as long as they keep churning out uptempo tunes to fuel their live show.)

MP3: Kaiser Chiefs "The Angry Mob"


What The Hell Do I Know?

I really wanted to hate this. A band from Pennsylvania named "Illinois?" Puh-leeze. However, the disc is actually a really enjoyable little mish-mash of indie-pop with some bedroom electronics thrown in for good measure. The whole thing ends up being pretty damn groovy and distinctive.

Plus, they have the sense to get the hell out after just seven songs. Are you listening, Joss?

MP3: Illinois "One On One"


Maxïmo Park
Our Earthly Pleasures

This sounds just like their debut. That means they managed to make a second record and not fuck it up by "growing!" Seriously, though, they keep their manic Modishness fully fueled and end up turning in another set of hip-wigglers and finger-poppers.

Maxïmo Park "Girls Who Play Guitars"


Land Of Talk
Applause Cheer Boo Hiss

Loud, sloppy rock with girl vocals that sound like they're grasping to the edge of sanity? Whilst I'm still sad Giant Drag imploded, it's nice to know there's a band out there tailor made to step into that vacated space. This is a solid debut that earns bonus points for also having the sense to call it quits after seven songs! Y'see, when you do that, you leave the listener hungry for more, Joss.

MP3: Land Of Talk "Breaxxbaxx"


Kings Of Leon
Because Of The Times

I haven't really dug anything that Kings Of Leon has done. I've listened to the discs, seen 'em live, and always walked away with a pervading feeling of "meh."And while this disc is still seeped in the same Southern-fried rock as their previous discs, something about it just seems to feel more true to me. I think before I was experiencing a band trying to fit into the mold they had built for themselves, but this outing comes off as a band living and breathing comfortably within the confines of the songs while allowing the songs themselves to dictate the direction of their musings.

And of course since this is the first disc of their I've liked, it's sure to be the one that all the other critics decide they hate. Sorry guys.

MP3: Kings Of Leon "On Call"

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