Friday, March 23, 2007

Tomorrow it is time to Drop, Rock, and/or Roll!

Tomorrow it is time to Drop, Rock, and/or Roll!

Yup, it's DJ Tankboy versus DJ Cowbell at The Continental tomorrow night. See the poster I made? I'm particularly proud of it 'cuz it's simple, clean, and gets right to the point visually.

Nice, eh? We're on from 11pm until 5am so none of youse has any excuse for missing it.


In demand man.

I will also be lending my skills to a worthy cause Sunday night. This below is from The Trap Door Theatre:

The Trap Door Theatre has been invited to Romania to perform their production of Matei Visniec's Old Clown Wanted in May 2007!

Our 4th annual Spring Benefit at Martyr's ...
and we are very excited to have 4 great Chicago bands: MILK AT MIDNIGHT, TENNISCOURTS, THE PENTHOUSE SWEETS, DORIAN TAJ, and as a special bonus we are very happy to have DJ TANKBOY spinning for us, and Thax Douglas will read some poetry ...

SUNDAY March 25th, tickets are $10.00, and the event will start at 6:00 p.m.

I did not make this poster but it is very nice too.

BONUS BEAT! Since you've been kind enough to read until the end, here's what I believe to be a fairly rare remix of Wolfmother's "Love Train."

MP3: Wolfmother "Love Train (Chicken Lips Malfunction Vocal)"

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