Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Early Warning: Partial Tank in '08 line-up!

Early Warning: Partial Tank in '08 line-up!

Here's an early warning to reserve those dates for the party of the summer. Tankboy will finally be old enough to run for President, so he's marking the milestone with two nights of insanity. Both shows will be at The Note and will include the following acts (although there may be a few surprise additions announced soon!)

TANK IN '08!
The Annual Tankboy
Birthday Party!

June 29 and 30

Including (but not limited to):

The Beer Nuts
The Midnight Shows
The Sterns
The Blitzkrieg Bopz
Venom Lords
Farewell Captain
Mark Mallaman
The Bomb Squad DJs:
DJ Tankboy, DJ Cowbell,
June Cleavage, and Amber Waves

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