Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Winter shutdown.

Winter shutdown.

So much I want to write about, but not publicly, yet. Things like how I'm surprised that the dumbass 19-year-old I was can still resurface and try and do things like climb the sides of buildings (metaphorically) or try and eat other guys' faces (literally). Sometimes I wonder if it's all about shock value or if it's really about pushing things as far as they can go before everything starts to buckle, snap, break, and ricochet all around you.

But fuck it, let's not center on the negative this morning. Let's focus on the positive. And what breaks a funk better than a fine tune, and the thought that someone you know, and like, and respect (because if you're reading this, and spending time with my words, you fit that profile) is enjoying the same song, at the same time, as you are.

I was going to go for irony to begin with, but instead decided to dust off a classic psychedelic gem that at the time was viewed as a band* playing a massive practical joke, but as time progressed that joke turned out to be an act of sincere devotion to a bygone time and a mind-expanding genre.

MP3: The Dukes Of Stratosphear "My Love Explodes"

P.S. Make sure you listen to the spoken coda. It used to crack me up so much when I was in high school, and I still repeat it to this day, even though about 0.0002% of the people I say it to have the slightest clue what I'm talking about.

P.P.S. Click on the picture of the cats. Trust me. Just do it.

*On the off chance you don't know, and I suppose no one more than 5 years younger than I would have any reason to, the band in question (a.k.a. the voices and instruments behind The Dukes Of Stratosphear) is XTC.

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