Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Flood! Part two!

Got back from taping a podcast last night to find all the water that had been pimped out of the basement had returned. I can't tell you how depressing that was.

Today has been a game of chicken or the egg as I've tried to talk to my homeowner's insurance as people are pumping more water out and want to start on pulling the carpet, but I can't confirm my insurance coverage until a plumber comes out and confirms there's blockage in my drain and this wasn't an act of God. Or something like that.

So I had to tell the guys pumping the water not to do anything while I waited in vain for the plumber assigned by my home warranty to call ... all the while watching with despair as the water slowly started to rise and get back into my basement.

I am so not equipped to juggle all this, at least not all by myself.

UPDATE: I ended up calling another plumber that was recommended by a friend and he rodding my drain and confirmed there was blockage. As soon as he broke through the water levels started dropping so I think I'm in the clear. At least as far as another flood. But now the clean up begins, and I still have to figure out what to do about the carpet (which I might not have a choice about) and the drywall (which could conceivably be OK, according to the plumber).

Upside? No more flooding. Downside? A plumber visit that would've cost me %75 under my home warranty ended up costing me over $500 Sigh.

When does the fun part of owning a house begin? Should I even continue owning a house?!

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