Wednesday, February 28, 2018

"Party" doesn't mean getting blasted, it means affirming life.

The new Andrew W.K. album You're Not Alone is truly amazing. It is huge. It is loud. It is metal. It is pop. It is really long. It is the perfect length. It is the kind of album that if you're going to wait over a decade between "proper" albums is the perfect return to form. It is an album with spoken word interludes that are actually worth listening to. It is exuberant. Literally, exuberant. It is the absolute right soundtrack for troubled times to help you realize that there is a reason times are troubled and they won't always be that way. It is fun. It is moving. It is honest. And no matter how silly you think Andrew W.K. might be on the surface, it is deadly serious, and seriously fun.

It has been playing non-stop on my tankPHONE since yesterday, and I don't see any need to stop playing it anytime in the near future.

Get it when it comes out Friday. Can't wait until then? You shouldn't. Stream it here.

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