Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Love, love, love, love.

We never “celebrated” Valentine’s Day, but every year I’d “surprise” her with reservations to her favorite sushi restaurant. Tonight will be the first time I haven’t eaten sushi today in a really, really long time. I was trying to think of an appropriate song for today, but didn’t want to slide into the “love stinks” category, or cop out with something saccharine and syrupy. So instead I’ll share one that has always made my heart swell, especially when it hits the bridge. It seems like the perfect mix of positive and negative emotion for a day like today.

I remember being at a party in college, and this came on, and my eyes welled up, and my friend Rich turned to me and then said to the room, "See, Kopeny gets it. He gets it." If you start tearing up I think you probably get it too.


MeanLittleBumbleBee said...

I thought I was the ONLY one who shed tears over this song!

Happy Wednesday, Tankboy.

*Long time lurker, first time commentor

Tankboy said...

You're not the only one!

Paul F. said...

I told a story about this song on a podcast and the radio and how I used to record the song as a child in 1983 until I had both sides of the 30 min tape with ONLY this song and then I would listen to it and ball. Its my favorite song of all time.