Monday, October 19, 2020

Some worries countered by an uplifting collection of tunes.

I was all set to write a piece about coping with the pandemic using delayed gratification techniques—an extension of the "treat yourself" philosophy, but with a little more structure to space rewards and maximize impact—but I got up late this morning (after 6 a.m.!) and it's so dreary outside in Chicago I admit to feeling all inspiration drain from my frozen fingers.* So no pandemic tips this evening.

I've gone back and revisited some things I wrote around the 2004 and 2016 elections, and it's odd how little has changed as far as feeling like Armageddon is right around the corner. Only this time around you really do get the feeling that the end times could be drawing nigh. Again.

However, since it looks like I've got a few more decades on this planet ahead of me, I refuse to believe that we'll go the doomsday route. At the same time, I've also already started to accept that while the current resident of the White House has no chance of winning the popular vote, the electoral college system could still potentially save his bacon and give him a second term. If that happens I have absolutely no idea what to do.

But I do think we'll survive. I have to believe that, even if my brain can't conceive of another four years of isolationism, racism, turbulence, and death. We must do better.

Well, that was cheery, eh?

You're not gonna just leave us with that, are you?

Did you think I'd drop something so dreary as the above without some sort of balance? Of course not! 

GRiZ released this Chasing The Golden Hour, Pt. 3 EP last month and it has been my go-to for afternoon and evening walks. It's upbeat and energetic enough to keep you smiling and moving, but its laidback vibe will keep you feeling mellow as you ride its forward momentum. Repeat as many times a day as needed.

*The heat in my place is a little spotty right now. I'll survive. 

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