Thursday, October 15, 2020

A minor update on how there is not much to update as far as day-to-day living goes.

Some much needed humor spotted on one of my walks.
It's Thursday, which is odd because I've felt like every day this week was Thursday, so to finally have the perception of the day on the actual day feels ... odd. 

I have slowly been starting to occasionally see other humans I know in (safe!) social settings outside of my house and that's provided a few technicolor bursts of new activity, but for the most part I'm still stuck in the same weird sense of flat time as everyone else I know. 

It's all wake up, work, walk, coffee, work, work, eat, work, walk, work, work, work, walk, eat, listen to music / podcasts, read, watch TV, walk, sleep. Every single weekday. 

Weekends are only different in that additional walking takes up the spots I'd be working during the week.

It's hard to make plans though. When I'm done with work most days I'm pretty drained, so the notion of traveling around the city to do anything in those evening hours I'd otherwise be listening to music / podcasts is exhausting. Honestly, the thing I miss most these days is relaxing on a couch with someone else and either watching TV or just talking about all the things going on inside each of our heads. But we're not really at a point where that feels safe, outside a committed partner or close friend(s) / family member(s). Right?

I've also caught myself daydreaming about what I wish these days looked like if we lived in a world where we were in the midst of reelecting the first woman President of the U.S.A., and the pandemic had been handled by adults who care about humans. That is the world we should be living in right now. 

So, yeah.

Minor and completely unrelated rant: Is anyone else having a hell of a time with autocorrect lately? I swear I watch properly typed words transform into completely unrelated words as a I hit the space bar. and it's mystifying. While I can't figure out for certain what's causing it my suspicion is it's a combo of a crap "AI"-ish experience coupled with the truly terrible butterfly keyboards Apple foisted on us (and have since figured out might not be so great). 

Sorry, it's annoying.*


Anyway! Time is flat, it's Thursday, we're all in this together, and blah blah blah because I know all of you have already heard this before—most likely from inside your own head—so I'm not certain why I am writing about it again. Strike that. I do know. I just have to remind myself from time to time.

*Seriously. And it's one of a thousand reasons why I love the older but oh-so-so sturdy MacBook Pro I own versus the MacBook Air I've used for work over the last few years. Thank goodness Apple is killing that butterfly keyboard though!

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