Thursday, October 08, 2020

The fizzy, buzzy, beauty of Supercrush's 'SODO Pop' is an effervescent tonic for your ears and soul.

Photo by Brandynn Leigh.

Dang, sometimes I write a headline that sort of makes whatever follows seem redundant, huh? But I'll try and improve upon it with additional information meant to get and hold your attention while directing you towards music that will improve your life.* Simple! So let me introduce you to Supercrush.

What I first learned is that one doesn't try to pigeonhole musician Mark Palm, the creative force driving the insanely catchy power-pop that Supercrush relentlessly doles out. If you go to Palm’s Discogs page, it’s clear Supercrush is the odd band out amidst a bunch of much, much heavier and punkier and metal-ier projects.

So Supercrush has primarily served as an outlet for Palm to release his power-pop in drips and drabs over the last few years, assumedly whenever the hard-candied muse of melody bent his ear from a slightly happier and more pleasant dimension of existence. And while I hadn't heard any of Supercrush's earlier EPs or singles, the band's debut SODO Pop arrived out of the blue last week at the exact right time.

If you're looking for a tonic to treat the malaise that currently envelops you, SODO Pop will quaff your thirst and feed your soul, leaving any free millimeter of internal space filled with sunshine and puppies. But cool puppies. "We've still got attitude, maaaaaan. We just leave you feeling good about it," they happily bark.

O.K., that covers the casual music fans, but what if you need landmarks to judge your own interest or point of entry? If that's you, imagine Teenage Fanclub is standing next to the Wannadies and suddenly a rip in reality appears between them and out pops Supercrush saying, "Here we are, and we love you, and hope you will love our music." And you will.

SODO Pop is out this Friday, October 9, so sample a few tracks below ahead of time and add it to your Bandcamp wishlist or pre-order it today!

*Results may vary.

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