Sunday, April 13, 2003

Oh crap

So now Dubya is intimating that Syria is in possession of WMDs. Please tell me people are not seriously going to re-elect this madman next year.

Delivering a momentary blow to my Indie Cred

So as most of you already know American Idol is my most guilty of guilty pleasures so how could I resist sneaking a listen to the debut album from last year's winner Kelly Clarkson. Sure enough it delivers with songs that beat and gyrate and thankfully steer clear of anything resembling kiddie pop. Would I personally buy it? Hell no...but I'll probably give it another spin or two before relegating it to the dusty shelves of infrequently played CDs. For what it is it's not bad and there's no denying Ms. Clarkson does have a great voice that packs a punch live. That's more than you can say for mpst of her prefab competition.

Also, did anyone notice old girl has gotten a tad thicker as evidenced by the really tight pantsuit she wore on last Wednesday's American Idol while flogging her single? Don't get me wrong since I think this particular thickness suits her and I'm doubly pleased to see an American Idol that doesn't look like either an advertisement for bulimia or plastic surgery.

Okay...time for me to go listen to some Rites of Spring and some Monks to regain my Indie Cred. Then it's off to bed since I have to be up bright and early for work tomorrow.

Boy does that sound strange.

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