Wednesday, April 09, 2003


Rudy was sick last night so poor little me had to DJ all alone. The crowd that was there was receptive but five hours behind the decks is just way too long when it's freezing outside (in fucking April!) and bar traffic is slow. On the bright side I got to play all the quirky music I usually can't fit in on a usual night. I also discovered that when I DJ with a partner like Rudy he does a great job of kicking my ass up a notch. I tend to gravitate towards self-absorption and trying to turn people on to new and unusual stuff while mixing wildly disparate sounds together...but then Rudy will hop on the decks and start totally rockin' out...which in turn gets me all thing you know he and I are going back and forth increasing the pressure and the rock until you end up with a full-on rock and/or roll party.

Okay. My head is fuzzy. I have written the word "rock" entirely too many times. I'm gonna get me some Gatorade.

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