Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Good gawd.

This is already turning into a brutal week. We have a huge project with a super tight deadline at work, and while I really enjoy being super busy since it makes the eight hours at the office fly by, it's still hard work. And that can be draining. The upswing is when you're on a tight deadline you get to see the fruits of you labors relatively quickly, so that's definitely a plus.

Since I was so busy yesterday, though, I never got to write the Tally Hall review I planned to tackle during my lunch-break. I tend to not take lunch hours, since I like to work straight through the day, but I'll often take a fifteen minute break to wolf something down and maybe do a little non-work writing to sort of "freshen up" halfway through the day. Anyway, I wrote it last night instead (on my couch via wireless laptop (first time I've used it that way!)) and scheduled it to go up at Chicagoist around 10:00 or so. I'll include the link once it's up.

(However, since I wrote them before work, the other two pieces I promised yesterday are here and here, so check 'em out.)

I just got a whole avalanche of music over the weekend, and within that flood I was able to pan out a few nuggets, so look for write-ups on some of that stuff here, or at Chicagoist, or at donewaiting over the next week or two.

Huh, I'm also working on two pieces for the next paper issue of UR Chicago too. I'm a busy guy.

Speaking of busy.

I am speaking on this panel at the Chicago Cultural Center next Monday. I'll post more details about the event closer to the event, but consider this an early warning to attend and discover that Tankboy might just have a teensy-tiny clue he knows what he's talking about. Who knew?!

Or you can throw fruit at my. Or you can, during the question and answer period, ask me about a variety of cheeses my shop does not stock. Just don't ask me how to pronounce Thrope Warblermangrove.

Finally, while I'm dispensing PSAs, I will not be spinning tonight. And man am I bummed I took this week off. First of all, I had to scramble to find a home for the DJs that were scheduled to spin at Pontiac tonight, since due to some maintenance work, The Pontiac will be closed. However my guest DJs now become DJ Marble's guest DJs as they join her on the decks at Celebrity.

I have long bemoaned the fact that both DJ Marble and I have residencies on the same night, so here's a chance to conduct a sort of rock and/or roll summit and/or meeting of the minds. Batting for this week's displaced Rock and/or Roll Tuesdays residency will be:

...man, I just realized how dirty that line-up sounds. Perfect!

And of course, cleaning up, and hosting the Naughty Tuesday brigade, for Celebrity is the lovely DJ Marble.

And me? I'll be quietly crying because I can't be part of this party. Boo hoo!

Pssst ... but I WILL be spinnng at Liar's Club Thursday, so that should help soothe the pain a little. I will definitiely be playing this song, by the way.

Sloan "Living With The Masses"

Tally Hall image by this guy

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