Monday, October 02, 2006

Small thoughts.

  • It's supposed to be in the mid-80's today. There should be a law declaring any days over 80 degrees F that occur after October 1 automatically trigger a work holiday.
  • While Veruca Salt was enjoyable last Friday, the band that really knocked both Ringo and I out was opener Agent Sparks. And it wasn't just because the lead singer was adorably cute. The music was just so frickin' catchy, and it didn't hurt that they had the male/ female co-vocalist thing going on. When it's done right I'm a sucker fro that sort of thing.
  • Also, The Mugs were an entertaining show on Saturday. The music was sweet, and the band was tight, but the best thing was the bassist's aerobic workout that we assume was triggered by the pure joy of playing in front of an appreciative crowd. I think I'll have to catch them at Schuba's when they come through town again.
  • Saturday was just a hell of a lot of fun, actually. This was due in no small part to it primarily consisting of me, Ringo and Chatman running around town and amusing each other to no end. Inside joke alert: iPeel.
  • Photogal discovered that her motorcycle can go really fast and do that thing where it scrapes the ground because you're leaning just that hard into a sharp turn on a racing track. Great, my girlfriend is now an adrenaline junkie / thrillseeker! I don't know if I'm proud, impressed, or scared out of my wits by that piece of news.
  • The Decemberists new album is going to be huge. I like the band but admit that their success has mystified me a bit since, by all rights, they should be too dense and challenging or the general public. Honestly, I think this new disc is actually less accessible than their last, but all signs point to it being a monster (relatively to the band's previous releases) sales-wise. I'm not predicting Postal Service levels of crossover potential, but I think it's going to do exceptionally well.
  • Lastly, I'm on week two of the new laptop. I think I've finally gotten used to the compressed keyboard, and so far-so good on the wireless network / Internet connectivity front. I still haven't transferred all my files I'm going to keep from my old computer, since I still want to make sure everything is functioning perfectly before my 2-week no-questions-asked return period is up. Ant suggestions for things I should do to raod-test it thoroughly? Also, and this mat be betraying a level of ignorance on my part, the ads said the computer would have a 120GB hard drive, but when I click the C-drive icon in the My Computer section it only shows up as having 104GB ... would 16GB just not show up due to being allocated for something I don't know about? Sometimes I feel relatively computer savvy, and others I think I know how my dad must've felt sometimes when grappling with newer technologies.

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