Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Of The Cult and Living Things.

Of The Cult and Living Things.

Tonight I am seeing two bands. One is a shamanic legend from my past that will be playing an album that will pull every ounce of high school sentimentality from me and, I hope, the rest of the audience. I fear though that people will tolerate the slower mystical numbers with measured boredom and only erupt at "the big hit." this is the risk band's take when their "best" album isn't actually their "most popular," but they decide to recreate it onstage anyway. The last time I saw this band they were opening for Metallica on their never ending "...And Justice For All Tour" where they were booed off the stage at the Chicago stop. That crowd broke my heart. I am hoping tonight's show finally allows the last layer of scar tissue to fall away.

The other band is a new band whose recorded music I quite like, but who put on a stage show of which I am highly suspect. The singer preens like Mick Jagger while spouting political sneers and in my headphones this makes perfect sense. My last live experience was severely lacking so I am hoping the situation is different when I see them take the stage tonight.

If you wish, you can see these bands tonight as well.

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