Thursday, September 17, 2009

Does this make me jaded?

Does this make me jaded?

Pavement is reuniting?

Well, O.K. then. It's about time. However I'm not losing my shit over this news like 99.6% of the other folks writing about the group getting back together. Pavement is by far one of my favorite bands ever, but I don't find this news to be earth shattering, or even all that interesting.

Would it be nice to see them again? Sure. But after the last lackluster Chicago performance I attended I can't say I'm expecting much.

Maybe it's because I saw them play live a lot from Crooked Rain... onward. Maybe it's because I've actually chatted with Spiral Stairs and Steve Malkmus at shows, thus demystifying the two main members and removing the cloak of indie rock royalty that probably obscures most people's vision.

On top of it, the news isn't exactly unexpected. The group just kind of fizzled out because various members got bored. There were no feuds, no real acrimony, no reason the band wouldn't get back together to play at some point in the future.

Or maybe this doesn't fill me with glee because I'm just a jaded old fart. I keep forgetting that a lot off folks that write about music probably came of age at the tail end of Pavement's existence, if they were even into music by that point at all. So sure, most are tripping over themselves with huge expectations and hopes* but, c'mon, this ain't exactly The Police or Blur getting back together, right?

*My hope is, of course, that Pavement play a couple shows for shits and giggles and then go their separate ways again. I fear them re-entering the studio (although if they did, and could regain that ol' fire like Dinosaur Jr has successfully done on their last two reunion records, then I would be A-O.K. with it, but chance of that happening are awfully slim).

UPDATE: O.K., read the press release a little more closely and it says:
Please be advised this tour is not a prelude to additional jaunts and/or a permanent reunion.
That makes me feel better! So now I'll just sit back and enjoy thee shows!

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