Thursday, September 10, 2009

On Classic Melrose Place antics.

On Classic Melrose Place antics.

I watched the show for most of its run, until the point at which the characters, who lived in the same apartment complex in Los Angeles, had gone through all possible romantic combinations with each other and began repeating them, as if their personal history didn’t exist. See, at that point, you’re not just messing with my head; you’re acting as though I didn’t have a head. That’s where I draw the line. I try, anyway.

I find it interesting Nancy Franklin and I had almost the exact same response to the original Melrose Place. So much so that the "I try, anyway" accurately reflects the fact that I taped EVERY single episode on up to the end on VHS back in the day.

And, ask Photogal how we almost didn't date because of Melrose Place.

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