Monday, July 19, 2004

Sex, drugs and rock and roll.

Last night contained none of the above. In fact I spent most of yesterday visiting with my family since my grandfather was in town. Also it had been a while since I checked in with my dad in person so it was good to see him too. He’s still got frickin' hair on his head which is unheard of for someone who's gone through as much radiation and chemotherapy as he has so I hope to God I've got his genes when it comes to how long the hair on my own head is going to stick around.

The evening itself was spent with the lovely ladies Betty, Lucy and Chloe (our two dogs and cat) and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Yup, that's right. While Photogal’s out of the country I’m really whoopin' it up! Yeehaw!

Saturday was actually a bit of a sex and booze-fest though since I got loaded at the Pontiac and swayed to the infectious Analog Saves The Planet. Whilst lead man Tyson is quite the stage presence, and no one can fault him for such right on covers as Avril Lavigne's "Sk8tr Boi," I'd have to say most eyes in the joint were glued to the comely go-go dancers accompanying the tunes. My little brother made it put after the show and we closed out the evening arguing over politics. It should be noted that my brother is one of the only people I will have an alcohol fueled political discussion with since I know neither of us is going to slug each other even though we stand on opposite sides of the political spectrum. Unfortunately our conversation sparked a number of other satellite discussions and when we left some of The Pontiac's staff we themselves engaged in some heated political debate. I sure hope no one got slugged.

And in a big ol' d'oh moment I realized Sunday afternoon that Woolworthy had played a street festival the previous day (Kee-rection...Woolworthy plays next Saturday so I didn't miss it!) and I had completely forgotten about it. I think that makes the only local Woolworthy show I’ve missed in years and years! Oh well, we head out to Ohio in three weeks so I have a feeling two days on the road will make up for one missed show on the Fun-O-Meter.

And now, to get you started off right, here's your Monday Morning Moment of Zen brought to you today by Betty the Beagle!

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