Tuesday, October 05, 2004

The early bird gets the worm, gags, chokes and then coughs it up all red in the face.

That’d be me. Up early. Due to an early evening appointment I need to leave work early. If I want a chance of making it to the gym I need to leave work much earlier than usual. In order to do that I must get in to work much much earlier than usual.

So I type even earlier.

Tonight Rudy and I are DJing at Ten56, as per usual. Last night I watched Love Actually again and, true to form, got all misty-eyed at the end. Does it make me any less Rock and/or Roll for doing so? Eh, who cares? I enjoyed the movie anyway.

Ow, is that a headache coming on from lack of sleep? Probably. Better kill it with the sugar from some waffle syrup and some caffeine courtesy Juan Valdez.


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