Thursday, October 07, 2004

Extreme measures.

Due to there being an unbelievable amount of activity I need to smash into today's unrelentingly forward ticking clock, I will actually try heading out to the gym before work this morning! Nuts, I know. However there's grocery shopping that must be done today and I have a major time constraint in the shape of my friend Julie's birthday bash at Phyllis' tonight.

(By the way, if you know Julie -- and if you don't you should -- the bash is at Phyllis' starting at 8pm. Her dad's credit card is providing free pizza and the drinks there are so cheap they certainly won't put too much of a dent in your pocket-book! But please, do not buy Julie any shots of rootbeer schnapps. Thank you.)

Later tonight Mike Watt is at Double Door and considering I've got a big ol' signed poster of his framed in my office I'd say his live shows rank pretty darn high in my estimation. I believe he's touring with The Secondmen and those guys sure know how to raise a racket.

Hmm, this entry seems to have fallen under the subcategory of "cool stuff I'm doing tonight" and hasn't really done much in the way of "entertaining the reader and/or revealing something about the author." Well, since I certainly don't want to just blend in with the rest of the pack I suppose I should do something to rectify that, eh?

But what can I do/reveal? I've already posted a cute baby picture, talked about ex-girls, apologized for talking about ex-girls, name-dropped, talked about all the fun I had and you missed and dropped an album review in fifty words or less. Where to go from there?

Jesus Kee-rist, look at the time. In the past this was the time I was usually contemplating heading home...not the time I was getting up to start my day! Ugh. In light of this observation I say screw it to the whole "entertaining the reader and/or revealing something about the author" concept. I'm having me some waffles.

Enjoy your day.

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