Friday, October 01, 2004


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About last night.
Remember all those shows I was so excited to see? Remember all the bands and live music I was going to take in last night? Remember how excited I was to get on the guest list with a Photo Pass so I could have a more concrete archival memory of The Futureheads? Remember that gaper’s delay that kept me from getting into work as early as I wanted? Did you get the same feeling of foreshadowing from that morning’s event that I should have?

Long story short? I didn’t see ANY shows last night.

The beginning of the end came about because of some massive accident on the Tollway that had traffic backed up for miles and miles and miles. It took me over two hours to get home and by then The Futureheads were already well into their set. By the time I got home I was so crushed and beaten by events outside of my control I didn’t even have the energy to drag myself to The Metro to see my old friend perform. Instead I spent the evening watching The Girl Next Door (surprisingly sweet!) and Super Size Me (not-so-surprisingly awesome!) and going to bed early.

I suck.

In an attempt to take last night’s disaster and overcome it, I have decided that tonight’s DJ set will be pure fun. No challenging songs to confuse the crowd. No Tom Waits following Michael Jackson. Plenty of high powered pop and rock and/or roll with some disco, funk and electronic fun thrown in for good measure.

And then tomorrow is my dad’s funeral, so I definitely need to lift my spirits before taking that on. I haven’t written much about my dad lately, but it’s not that he isn’t on my mind. It’s that I’ve been having a harder time processing and quantifying my feelings on him and his departure almost two months ago than I thought I would. I’m hoping tomorrow’s funeral and the following party -- one of his last requests was that we have a party in his honor, which is one reason we waited to have the funeral…a chance to give folks time to get over the initial shock of grief – will help put closure on at least this initial stage of saying goodbye to him.

And then, of course, we’re having my nephew’s baptism on Sunday. Yup, a funeral one day and a baptism the next. Either my family is insanely weird or profoundly in touch with their feelings and a healthy sense of perspective.

Or both.

Okay, off to work. I want to hit the gym before checking out some galleries in Pilsen tonight and then, of course, Djing at InnJoy. Hopefully I’ll see some of you Chicago and suburban folk tonight, cool?

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