Thursday, November 04, 2004

In a continuing effort to block out
the events of the past few days,
I shall harken back to a simpler and happier time.

Namely Halloween. Double Door has posted photos from its Halloween show, and since I mentioned Chauncey and Jessica in a previous post, I figured I'd put the pictures up here.

Chauncey's Logan/Wolverine was so good I didn't recognize him at first. This picture is a touch dark so you can't really see the fabulous job he did with his hair. Wait, did I just say "fabulous" and "hair" in the same sentence? Oh crap.

And I'm sorry but Jessica looked awesome too, even if you can't tell exactly where she is looking in this photo. She's posing with her extremely brave boyfriend. I call him brave because that genie suit looked really furry and really heavy and Double Door was really hot. Especially in the balcony, which is where he spent most of his time since Jessica was bartending up there.

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