Monday, March 06, 2006

Critical questions.

So I have to write up a review of the Figdish reunion show I saw this weekend but I'm not sure withing what perameters I should house my critical view. Do I take it for what it was, a bunch of guys reliving their youth and having a great time? Or do I take the cycnical approach and point out that both bands to splinter off Figdish ended up being superior musical beasts, yet neither offspring has drawn the crowd or devotion that was in attendance Saturday night? Sometimes with shows like this (and this difficulty is not made easier since I know key members of the group) I get flustered and confused and part of me is annoyed that nostalgia wins out over iknnovation. At the same time I am nostalgic by nature, I think, so I end up enjoying the show and the music and the evident glee on the players' faces and the happiness of the crowd surrounding me. However that critical little demon in me, the one that won't just let me let go and say what the hell, keeps poking holes into the apparent simplicity of the event until I can't help but wrestle with some of the larger qiuestion thatr get raised.

So, if you only had 350 words to do it in, how would you handle this particular review?

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