Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Super quick Oscar related thingie.

  • Photogal won her office Oscar pool though proper credit must be handed to my littlest brother for coaching her through all of her picks. The one upset? Crash. Though, again, to my little brother's credit he counseled her to go with Brokeback Mountain as the safe pick for Best Picture even though he personally believed Crash wold provide an upset. Why is my littlest brother not a pop culture columinust or something?
  • I've read a bunch of follow-up commentary and can't figure out why no one has picked up on the George Clooney thread that ran throughout the whole evening. Even the Best Song winners gave him a shout-out! And Photogal loved the way he kept giving mischevious glances every time the cameras landed on him after someone yet again brought up his name. Like I said before, the guy is so cool I should hate him but just can't.
  • How cute were those overrsized stuffed penguins? Too cute!


Even quicker self-promotional thingie.

Me. Rudy. Pontiac. Tonight. Rock and/or roll with us.


And, finally...


(credz Erin)

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