Friday, March 10, 2006

Embarking on a new adventure!

Parking at McCormick Place is $16 a day and while my company reimburses that expense I just don't have the disposable income this week to spare. So instead I have decided to attempt using Chicago's public transport system to get to and from the convention center over the next five days. You would think that since this location is a vortex meant to suck in tourist dollars for the city that it would be easy to get to. You would think that maybe a train or bus would go directly to the heart of the building. But you would think wrong. I think I have a handle on how to get there, and luckily (timewise) I have a little wiggle room this morning since I'll be going there directly from the gym (which itself is closer to a transit hub). Will I make it there? Or will I find myself stranded in the depths of the South Side; cold, shivering and drenched by the fine mist that has laid itself across the streets and sidewalks over the past couple days? Or will I triumphantly stride into my company's booth; on-time, toasty warm and cup of coffee in hand?

Let's find out!

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