Friday, March 17, 2006

Pass me a beer because I'm sober.

I’ve got a little thing about The Beer Nuts (yes, those Beer Nuts Darcell) going live at Chicagoist around 9am so check that out once it posts. In other news I spent most of yesterday running errands and packing so I have nothing all that exciting to report unless you really want me to run down the virtues of a super thick Sharpie versus a good old fashioned Magic Marker. I have had a chance to slot in a few DVDs over the past few days so here are my capsule reviews:

Saw II
= I saw what was coming within the first fifteen minutes
The Aristocrats = a few moments of hilarity but mostly (surprisingly) booooring
The Wedding Crashers = now that I’ve seen it twice I have to ask myself “why?”
V For Vendetta = oh, wait, I haven’t seen this yet…but I’m not getting my hopes

I’m also thumbing through DeRo’s bio of The Flaming Lips so I bet you can guess what artists is about to go into heavy rotation on both tankPOD and diPOD.

The cat just climbed up the back of the chair I’m sitting in and scared the crap out of me!

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