Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Beat the Cowbell!

Beat the Cowbell!

And by beat I mean spank (as in "for your birthday, baby!"), and by Cowbell I mean DJ Cowbell a.k.a. Photogal (pictured in the flier below). Her birthday is Saturday, and she has tomorrow off work, so let's get this party started right! We'll be spinning upstairs at Liar's Club after the live This American Life show we're going to ... so expect launch time to be right around 10pm or so.

I'm hoping to turn this into a monthly event so it would mean a lot to me if a whole bunch of folks showed up. It's supposed to be pretty nice all day so get yer ass out and show Tankboy and Photogal a little love. Also, last time I was drinking upstairs, there was dancing on the bar and partial nudity. Of course I had already left before all that happened, but hey!

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