Thursday, February 08, 2007

CTRL-ALT-ROCK v2.0 is tonight!

Oh wow. This is going to be so much fun. The first CTRL-ALT-ROCK was a huge success so version 2 had to be bigger and better, naturally. But I think we've outdone ourselves. Chicagoist has profiled all four of the bands performing:

We'll be giving away lots of Chicagoist swag, we've lined up a killer beer special, and early birds will get the extra bonus of free booze while it lasts, so make sure you get there right when the doors open at 8:00pm! We'll also have giveaways from local bands whose shows Chicagoist is co-sponsoring in the near future. Sounds before, after, and between the bands will be provided by myself and a couple of the other Chicagoist writers flexing their DJ skills. Or at least their talents at solid song selection.

On top of it all? Click on the image below and print out the flier for two bucks off admission!

And Bill, if you're real nice I might even play that new Maximo Park single!

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