Wednesday, February 07, 2007

An interesting alternative (and in this context that means "mainstream") look at the halftime show.

I'm noticing that while Prince has been loudly applauded by most of the press, media / music critics, the online community, and me; the average joe / jane (i.e. almost everyone I've encountered "on the street" since Sunday) seems less than impressed by his halftime performance. The impression I get is that most watchers don't really care how musically exciting a halftime show is; they tune in for explosions, mass choreography, garish and obvious covers and / or general song selections, and boobies. So I'm betting that means next year we can probably look forward to another "classic rock" act teaming up with a "cross-over" country star and four-thousand scantily clad female back-up dancers. How incredibly boring.


Prince related: Gina made the point yesterday that she thought Prince was lip-synching and that nothing was live due to the driving rain and the corresponding threat of electrocution. I've been told that Prince was able to play and sing using a wireless system. Since nothing was actually plugged in he didn't have to worry about the whole grounding / possible electrocution issue. Still confused? This breaks it down better than I do. And this message board goes a long way towards explaining why I only heard vocals, guitar and cymbals ... seems like someone forgot to turn up the actual backing track for most of the performance!


This is your spider. This is your spider on drugs.

Photogal sent me this video a while ago and I think it's incredibly educational so I'd like to share it with you.

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