Tuesday, July 10, 2007

OK Stereogum.

OK Stereogum.

Major fucking kudos to Stereogum for their track-by-track cover compilation of Radiohead's OK Computer. And considering its impressive contributors include Sterogum faves The Twilight Sad, Cold War Kids, John Vanderslice, and Doveman, I'm really looking forward to hearing this.

Even more impressive is that they were able to keep it under wraps until launch!

Get it while it's hotter than Mims.

UPDATE: Now that I've given it a proper listen, I still think it's worth downloading, as long as you understand that it is, like just about every other tribute disc ever made, pretty uneven. But definitely interesting. It's also worth pointing out that almost all the bands all end up kind of taking the same stripped down approach to their own arrangements of the songs. In my mind, it ties in with my own thoughts about what's wrong with indie rock today (and sort of explains the intense ennui I've been feeling the past few weeks, at a time of year when I'm usually most psyched about music).

The compilation is certainly an audacious and admirable effort, but in the end it all ends up sounding the same.

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