Sunday, July 22, 2007

Pulling "The Sneak" since 1989.

Pulling "The Sneak" since 1989.

I would apologize to anyone that turned around to find me missing last night -- Rudy, Rick, Justin, Keep, PP, etc. -- but y'all should know by now that when I'm ready to leave, I leave!

Also, I was a little freaked out by Peter Hook spinning New Order songs to a mostly empty room at the Metro birthday party last night, until I realized that I should probably be reveling in the fact that Peter Hook was spinning New Order songs to a mostly empty room with me being one of the few enjoying it. Also, was every other song he spun penned by or involved with Damon Albarn? It sure seemed like it, not that I was complaining.

O.K., gotta practice so I can get this new (old) song down for tonight's practice. It actually appears as if well be ready to play sooner than I thought, and Keep is already working on putting together our grand "coming out" bill. Of course I suspect we'll play a few secret shows before then to get our feet wet, and work the kinks (but not the kinkiness) out of the set, but I can't tell you about those because they're, well, y'know, secret.

Hm, maybe I should hit the gym today too ... nah, it's too nice out and it's too late in the day. I'll just stick with working a sweat up through the drumming.

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