Thursday, September 06, 2007



Just thought of this, as I was re-watching After Hours last night. And what I thought of is this: the character Rosanna Arquette plays, the one who keeps experiencing major mood shifts and whose life is filled with drama and odd auxiliary characters that threaten to drag you under in situations that are, in their estimation, matters of life and death but are, in fact, just examples of situational misinterpretations and a gross sense of self-importance? You know, that character?

I've dated her. More than once.

So that's "crazy" in the not-so good way. We all kind of like that, it's true, but it can be harrowing. But there's also "crazy" in that "man, this is AWESOME!" way. And that's what tonight at Liar's Club threatens to be like. For the first time in, oh, I don't even know how long, the original Bomb Squad will all be in the booth at the same time! You'll be amazed at just how much you missed our chemistry together. Or, as JB said, "Imagine lots of misty, running through the rain sequences, and then set it to Turbonegro and Kanye. It's going to be kind of like that. Won't you come see?"

The month of September will be a very special one as far as Bomb Squad Thursdays go. We're "taking it back to our roots" and just using the original Squadders and guests. We'll also be doing only two DJs a night every week but this one, when the original mavens of mayhem get to bounce off one another (and the members of Kiss) once again!

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