Thursday, September 13, 2007

Photogal takes a photo.

Photogal takes a photo.

Folks occasionally ask me why Photogal's nickname is Photogal. Obviously it's because she's a gal that's handy with a camera! She also has a photography degree, and when we first started dating we would team up at rock shows: I would write about the bands and she would shoot them for my articles. She still did fine art on the side, and would arrange gallery shows to display her work, alongside friends she admired, and it was a nice little scene.

Well, she's been sort of dormant photo-wise over the past few years, but she got invited to submit a piece at a group show tonight, so she decided to experiment with my digital camera, and composed a piece around the theme of "neighborhood."

I like what she came up with, and not just because it has a few of my favorite people in it, like me! And Betty the Beagle. And Lucy the Dog. And Photogal. But what I realized I really liked was watching her engaging herself in her art again. The thought process that went into the work was fun to experience and interact with. And I liked helping her out with it when she needed me too. And I loved seeing the effort she put into making sure it was presented correctly.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the day-to-day, we forget things we once believed to be inextricably integral to our existence. Seeing Photogal rediscover one of those things was honestly a joy.

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