Thursday, September 06, 2007

A woefully misguided attempt for media attention.

A woefully misguided attempt for media attention.

This is an excellent example of emailing blind in hopes of a write up:
Hi Jim,

NFL, college sports, baseball playoffs… Bordo's Eatery and Sauce in Lincoln Park could not have picked a better time to reopen. Redesigned as an upscale sport's bar, Bordo's is also the new home for Illini fans-bussing fans to games in Champaign and packing a pregame food and drink fest.

The 18 hi-def plasma TV sports bar has $.25 wings and beer bucket specials for Monday night football along with daily drink and food specials. With live DJs on the weekends an upscale menu for dinner, Bordo's is the new sport bar in town!

Would you be interested in learning more?
That solicitation is almost a verbatim checklist of everything I would HATE in a bar. Ick.

However, Corey, if your invitation to "learn more" involves free beer buckets and wings, I'm most certainly willing to give the place a shot as long as that fee stuff is doled out to my brothers as well. I'll need someone to hold me down when I start frothing at the mouth.

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