Friday, March 28, 2008

Disco '80s hip-hop dance party?

Disco '80s hip-hop dance party?

I'm making a rare Saturday appearance at Liar's Club tomorrow, and I have my bag packed with dance songs guaranteed to pack the floor. My weekend DJ sets at Liar's are always memorable, especially since it gives me license to just go for the rhythmic jugular and break out all the hits in one gargantuan set.

You might even see a sonic appearance by my own beloved Kelly Clarkson, since I think "Since U Been Gone" might have rested long enough to make its revival fresh and fun. And did you hear George Michael is going on tour? In honor of that I'll have to break out some Wham! or one of his solo jams. If you're really lucky I'll spring the new Madonna / Trousersnake / Timbaland tune, since it is surprisingly, shockingly hot.

And of course there'll be plenty of '80s / '90s pop, everything from Depeche Mode to Def Leppard ... and if Keep makes it there maybe (maybe!) some Billy Ocean.

So in spite of those stupid basketball games and this lousy weather I expect to see you there tomorrow night!

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