Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Illinois to Wait for Uno the Beagle?

Illinois to Wait for Uno the Beagle?

Today was supposed to be Uno the Beagle Day (UtBD) in Illinois -- yes, I'm a dork for that dog -- but Uno is presently stuck in St. Louis and can't make his own ceremony! So does that mean today is still UtBD, or do we all have to wait until he can wend his way up north tomorrow?

Uno was the first beagle ever to win the Westminster Kennel Club dog show last month and, in my experience, the first dog to ever really cause the usually composed crowd to go totally apeshit when his victory was announced. But take a look at the little guy, can you blame them?

Beagles are indeed adorable little dogs. And smart. Some might say too smart. (As reported, Betty the Beagle can open our refrigerator in under a second!) And stubborn. And a whole bunch of other things. What is unknown is just how many yuppies rushed out to adopt their own beagles last month only to discover what holy, lovable, destructive little terrors they can be.*

Hats off to Uno!

AN ASIDE: Betty is still in doggie daycare, but seems to be keeping to herself while there. However, if you want to spy on her, you can do so by checking out the Barking Lot's webcam page. She can usually be found in the West Bucktown "Small Playroom."

Beagle owners are the ones that can always be found comparing the monetary value of the property damage done to their books / shoes / clothes / CDs / records / walls / furniture / etc. by their beagles. And you know what? We wouldn't give the headache up for anything in the world.

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