Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Guess who can see his beagle?

Guess who can see his beagle?

For some reason the Barking Lot cam is working so I can finally see Betty the Beagle ... conked out in the corner, see?

Oh wait! Someone just opened the door and she's up! And sniffing other puppy butts! Excellent!

Oh, and now she's back down again. Oh well.

So, an update is due, huh? While daycare has certainly solved the problem of Betty driving my neighbors batty during the day, she still barks at night unless she's on her heavy sedatives. The good news is that she seems to be responding to a lower dose than I was giving her to settle her down a few weeks ago, but the downside is that, well, she just seems so confused and dopey when I come home. And she has some, um, bladder control issues that I'm guessing are brought on by her feeling oh-so relaxed. So I really don't want to keep sedating her, but when I tried a dry run of not tranquilizing her so I could go over to a friend's for dinner, Betty started barking her head off an hour after I left.

So where do we stand now? While I love daycare I can't realistically keep paying for her to go there daily. It's more than half of what I pay for rent for my whole apartment! And it's just not in my budget ... so I'm starting to have some anxiety about what I'm going to do when I just can't afford it. (Well, I actually just can't afford it now, but I feel it was/is something I HAVE to do.) The mood stabilizer she's on has had over three weeks to kick in, but doesn't seem to be having any effect as far as reducing her anxiety. And, like I said, I'm not a fan of tranquilizing the beagle. So, in some respects, I feel like I'm back at square one. But I'm not giving up and neither is Betty!

Also, Betty appreciates all the well wishes that have been sent her way, and is truly flattered by the number of folks who also keep tabs on her through the webcam throughout the day. In fact I'm beginning to wonder if her ratings will eclipse Oprah's in the near future!

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