Monday, March 17, 2008

Fast Times at Burlington High

Fast Times at Burlington High

We had a lot of fun Saturday night at The Burlington. Balthazar and I had a blast going head-to-head, even if we did have to call a true after hitting the lowest common musical denominator for fear that if we sunk any lower the bar might just implode. Lots of my friends showed up. There was some dancing. And there was lots of drinking. A people were buying me drinks, which made Greg happy since he always likes to pimp out my DJ skills in exchange for a higher register ring.

Also, this is not the shirt I started off wearing. (Thanks to Keep.)

Apparently when you squeeze my bicep, I turn into a zombie.

And I have no idea -- or memory -- of what the hell is going on here.

I'll put up more photos as they roll in, since I'm pretty sure Bergen or Melissa had a camera too.

See you at The Burlington next month!

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