Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Feelin’ a bit bookish around these parts.

I kicked off 2020 with a goal of reading at least 40 books this year and I’m currently on pace to beat that. Of course, we’re barely 2 months into the year and there’s a whole summer just sitting in wait to distract me for a few months, so we’ll see what ultimately happens.

However K  has also taken up this goal, and she tends to be pretty competitive, so her taunts as she races towards 40 books may keep me in line. Like I said, we’ll see!

However, if you would like to keep up with what I’m reading on a regular basis, then go on and visit my Goodreads profile.* And if you use the service, feel free to add me and I can keep up with what’s on your shelf (either virtual or physical) as well!

*I didn’t even realize it until grabbing the link for my profile that I’ve been using Goodreads since 2008!

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