Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Work travel.

I actually love business trips. I know most everyone positions their responses to an upcoming business trip as "ugh, I gotta do this" but I think that is a false response and deep deep down most people are like me and love the opportunities this traveling affords, especially the face-to-face time with clients / collaborators / etc. I was thinking about this as I landed at O'Hare earlier today, legs cramped from a middle seat definitely NOT made with a 6'2" frame in mind, but head full of new ideas and that tingling pleasure that follows any super-productive period of time.

A business trip also always ends with me getting home and opening the door to be met by Pickle the Kitten, followed by a rare show of honest affection from her that lasts precisely 2 minutes before she says "enough" and puts me back to work tending to her food and comfort needs. An added bonus!

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