Monday, November 05, 2007

Still oh so sore.

Still oh so sore.

Well, America's #1 Sweetheart got our first show out of the way.

For a first show, I think it went well. Lots and lots of friends showed up to support us, which made me really happy, and everyone seems to like the material, both old and new. We made a few mistakes, but I doubt anyone outside of the band really noticed them. I know I pushed the tempo a little too hard near the beginning of the set as my nerves kicked in. I also must'vebhit harder than I usually do, and since all of my lighter sticks broke in the first 3 songs, I ended up using heavier sticks too. I must've really been throwing my whole body into it, because my hands, arms, and legs are all still sore this morning!

And then the evening devolved into usual rock star shenanigans, not helped at all by the extra hour of partying afforded by the clock change. Let's just say that I'm pretty happy my calendar has lightened up. It'll be nice to spend some more time at home with Photogal and the pups and a little less time in smoky rock clubs.

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