Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Some lighter fare perhaps? A dash of optimism, no?

Why yes, I think I'll have a steaming helping of that thank you! Last night I became an uncle for the first time in my life as my younger brother and his wife welcomed their first son, Alexander James, into the world. Everyone is healthy and happy though I would’ve paid a million dollars to catch a glimpse of the sheer panic that must have flashed over my brother's face as the baby finally finished it's dramatic entrance as he realized, "Oh crap…what do I do now!?" I kid, I kid. I'm sure he and his wife will be super parents. I just can’t believe my younger brother was the first to turn my mom into a grandma! Here's a picture of the handsome little devil.


Come to think of it...

...why not share some more pictures celebrating the joy of youth while still slipping in a bit of sarcasm and what better subject to study than me? Where to start? Oh, this is good. This would justify my mom saying, "You were so cute when you were little...what happened?"

So this should disprove the notion once and for all that I've never liked sports. I've literally tried playing every sport I could – barring polo or cricket because seriously, I just don't have all day – but damn if I don't like mighty fine in a pair of shoulder pads. Incidentally I think those shoulder pads would have also looked dandy on any of the female characters from "Dynasty."

Awwwww...here's Tankboy with his teddy bear. Actually this is the teddy bear I’ve had since birth – inventively named Baby Bear – and he's stuck with me through all the years. He had to undergo some reconstructive surgery after I adopted Betty the Beagle and she mistook him for a chew toy but I made up for it by sleeping with him every night for years and years. I stopped a long time ago and grew out of it. About last year I think...

Look at those dashing devils! Those are all the men of my immediate family and I’m the one giving my dad the super-hug whilst my brothers just ham it up. This is actually a rare shot since none of us are beating on each other within sight of the lens. I wouldn't doubt that there may be a bit of kidney punching going on behind my dad though.

So we’ve covered the "cute when little" phase so we'll wrap up with a "what happened?" picture. This must have been taken when I was really into raves so that would be 1992 or 1992. Notice the unfortunate multi-colored hoodie. Notice the gothically pale skin due to my inexposure to any kind of natural light for months on end. Yikes! I went through lots and lots of things when I was younger since I worked under the philosphy that you may as well try everything once if at all possible. Sometimes I paid mighty big fines to the fashion police for daring to chance their wrath as is oh-so-obvious in the above picture. Anyhoo, that's enough for now...maybe more later today...maybe not. I think tomorrow or the next day I'll post some photos featuring some of the ladies from my past...expecially since, as we were going through family photos last week, I realized my mom was quite the hottie when she was younger. Yowza!

I almost forgot to tell you who has a hipper play-list than WKRP in Cincinatti!

That would be me and Rudy throwing down the tunes tonight at Ten56 starting about 9pm.

My name is Mok, thanks alot!

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