Friday, April 15, 2005

Early morning exercise.

So remember when you were in college and the instructor would just say write don't look at the clock don't look back don't change anything¹ sometimes when you do this it allows lower levels of thinking to surface and that can provide the nugget for something useful in the future but then you thought the future was never going to come and mortality was a myth even though your friend Neil got struck by lightning and died while camping but that was just a fluke and it could never happen to you so bring on the drugs bring on the sex bring on the late nights and acid-tinged days because you're immortal and no one can take that from you but you grow older and you start to take things more seriously or at least if not seriously you begin to see the weight of your actions and everything you do affects someone close to you or is that effects that's one of those words I always doubt and fear since I have a mental block on its proper usage no matter how many times I look it up in reference books and is that a key I'm missing the fact that I hate to be wrong and look wrong and when I was younger I hated being wrong too but back then I had the luxury of never actually believing I was wrong and this piece has turned out wrong but how can that be since all it started out as was an emulation of an earlier writing exercise since I couldn’t think of anything to right down today ion the first place?

¹Okay, I did go back and correct the spelling so your eyes wouldn't roll into the back of your head in shock that, without revisions, my typing is atrocious. I can partially blame that on my old keyboard and it's sticking keys but really I tend to type slower than I think so I always have to double back and make corrections. Everything else was untouched.

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