Friday, October 07, 2005

A shot in the dark brought the recent INXS resurgence.

Does anyone out there have the Dogs In Space CD soundtrack? I've got it on tape somewhere but since I so rarely listen to a tape deck I was hoping to locate a digital copy. Does anyone want to either sell me their copy of the CD or rip the tracks and e-mail them to me (160 or 192 kbps preferred.)

I'm totally going through this late-'80s phase where I'm remembering just how cool I thought Michael Hutchence was. Does anyone else remember the MTV special he did with INXS at the House of Blues? I think Dan Akroyd came out and introduced them dressed as a gladiator or something. Anyway, all I remember is how badly I wanted Hutchence's hair, his rose necklace and his denim jacket. A few years later I had the hair and the jacket but I never did find that rose.

Anyway, the Dogs In Space soundtrack was the thing I used to prove to myself that deep down inside Hutchence was a tortured punk rock artsy loner just like me.

Anyway, if anyone can set me up with that soundtrack that'd be awesome. Thanks!

A few quick thoughts.

  • Last night's "secret" Queens Of The Stone Age show was killer. A review should be up later at Chicagoist so watch this space for the link once it goes live. Photogal and I spent the whole show sitting/standing on stage since Josh Homme invited a bunch of the crowd to "gather around him like a bunch of hippies." The review is now up so go read it now!
  • The show was so killer that Photogal and I decided to end the evening on a high note and just completely skip the Eagles Of Death Metal show at Liar's Club. Did anyone out there go? If so, how was it?
  • Happy birthhday to Julie D today! You're only twenty-six and a half six or seven times so enjoy it!
  • DoneWaiting faves The Evil Queens are performing at The Pontiac tomorrow with Paper Bullets and Les Hell On Heels so don't miss 'em!
  • FEMA does something right for once.
  • Honda makes a pooch-friendly car. But when does it go on the market?
  • Liz Phair sold her soul on her last album. She tries to get it back with her new one. She fails. The shark has jumped, the mojo is gone and the Playboy pictorial is only a matter of time.
  • This just in! Tankboy's a dork!
  • Heh heh...just checkin' to see if you're actually reading this.
  • My latest obsession? Replicating old mix-tapes I made as playlists in tankPOD and then getting all misty-eyed over just how exciting music was when I was young and then realizing that it is probably just as exciting right now to someone that's younger than I and growing sad that I've grown too jaded to fully appreciate things as they are now.
  • I'm still not smoking. So far, so good. Yay me!
  • Finally, the new iPod will not support video but it will be a heckuva lot bigger storage-wise. Even with the free iPod Lielli is giving me, I'll still have, with two iPods, 10GB less space than will be on a single new iPod. Yow! (Also, let's hear it for clumsy sentences...I reworked that last one three times and it still sounds cruddy.)

Thank god he's getting married or I might be in real trouble.
I mean, just look at that goofy grin on Photogal's face!
(As usual, click the pic for a hi-res larger shot.)

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