Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Our corrupt and spineless lawmakers can kick your corrupt and spineless lawmakers's asses any day!

When I was in the Ukraine and Poland we definitely ran into this, "You from Chicago? BANG! BANG! Gangsters! Al Capone! Michael Jordan!" What we didn’t hear is "Corruption, corruption, corruption!" I guess even folk who view English as a foreign language figure, that when it comes to Chicago, corrupt politics is a given.

Case in point?

Swallow hard now, so you don't choke.

Our county president has been incommunicado due to a stroke for the last three months. And he was reelected in the Democratic primary WHILE HE WAS IN A COMA! And now, no one wants to remove him from office because they think, "We ought to look at a more compassionate, in a nonpolitical, way to look at this problem".

Did you read that? A dude in a coma won an election and people think it would (now) show a lack of compassion to remove him from office?!. Yesterday almost all of our county-wide officials decided that was not a bad thing.

God bless our language mangling mayor and his seemingly endless clout.

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