Friday, August 25, 2006

Rock and/or Roll, from me to you.

So I have a show tomorrow at Double Door. I know it seems like I have a show every other freakin' day now, but don’t worry, this is the last big one for a while. This one is kind of a walk down memory lane for me too, it's kind of neat. Opening is Constant Velocity, featuring two old buddies from college. You know you want to show up to hear them tell stories of what a nut-job I was, don't you? Trust me, they are the kind of folks I count on to actually remember most of the crazy stuff I did ... since I seem to be so good at forgetting it!

Up second are The Ghettobillies. When I was booking The Note I used to use them a lot. At the time they still lived in Michigan so I only saw them every other month or so. Then I completely lost touch with them until a few years ago when I discovered they had moved to Chicago finally. I was pleased but since I wasn’t booking that many shows anymore, and I never really found a bill they would fit on. No matter, they did just fine without me. A few months ago their then-manager, my friend Alison, asked if I would put together a bill with them on it and I said sure. I'm glad I did because I hear their set will feature cheerleaders tomorrow night, and who doesn’t like rock and/or roll cheerleaders?

In the third slot is The Midnight Shows. Their singer is some guy named Rudy. I think I used to DJ with him. This will be their sophomore show (their debut was a certain someone's birthday party a few months ago) and I am dying to hear how their rock and soul review translates through the Double Door's sound-system. Bring your full-blown sexy face and prepare to shimmy throughout their set.

And batting clean-up is the almighty Rock Star Club, making their first live appearance in months. The original fourth act, who shall remain nameless, but their name rhymes with Moth, backed out on me earlier this week. Luckily for me, in a rare occurrence, the guys in Rock Star Club actually had a slot in their schedule (a number of the guys also play in the super popular Wedding Banned so it's hard to coordinate them to be all in the same place at the same time) and were willing to bring on their sledgehammer of a show. These guys are seriously one of the best live acts in Chicago. You want honest rock and/or roll? Then these are your guys.

Oh yeah, and apparently some crappy DJ is spinning beforehand and between the acts. His names DJ Tank-something-or-other. He’ll probably try to play something like Paris Hilton so feel free to throw stuff at him if he does.

So there you have it! Be there, tomorrow night at Double Door. I promise you won't regret it.

Oh, here's the pretty poster The Midnight Shows made. The, um, line-up revision touch-up is my crappy work, so don’t blame it on the original designer.



So, it's Friday and I feel the need to share two super long tunes with you. The first one is by a newer band naamed Favourite Sons. They're from Brooklyn so I have no idea why they threw in the UK "u" in their name, but their sound is so snappy I'm not really going to pitch a fit about it. I've heard them being compared to Echo and the Bunnymen, but I personally think they're peppier and more fun. I'm going to guess that this is sort of like their theme song, since the phrase "favourite sons" actually pops up in the lyrics a few times.

Favourite Sons "No One Ever Dies Young"

The second tune is from a band called 120 Days. I just got their new album sent to me and I am digging it. Anyone who is turned off by Primal Scream’s return to roots-rock and misses the Kevin Shields inspired madness of their last few discs is going to love 120 Days. Clocking in at just under nine minutes, here's the lead-off track from their forthcoming debut.

120 Days "Come Out (Come Down, Fade Out, Be Gone)"

So there's some new music to get you through the weekend and tide you over until you get to Double Door tomorrow night. I'll see you then.

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