Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Wait a minute, "Pam" is married to THIS dude?!

To reiterate ... she:

... is married to him?!

Sweet baby Jesus, there is a God and prayer does work! Because that dude pictured above obviously spent a lot of time, dropped down on bended knee, head tilted towards the heavens, begging The Almighty for a Saint-grade™ miracle. Usually I would be all "she is WAY too good for him" but, in this case I will instead to defer to the "he gives dorks everywhere hope for landing a total babe."

And, since this piece is sort of referencing a charachter from The Office, this is probably a good time to share, with you, a gift Photogal gave me last week.

What, you want more stuff related to The Office? Here, check out these training videos then.


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