Monday, November 27, 2006

Oversleeping on a Monday morning.

Well, not really oversleeping, just up later than usual. Prepare thyself for bullet recaps!

  • Two families equals two dinners and two overly stuffed bellies when it come to Thanksgiving Tankboy / Photogal style. I'm still a little full.
  • Saturday night's party was a blast! There were lots of friends (thanks for coming!), lots of people I didn't know, and lots of dancing. And Kip kept his shirt on. It was a successful evening all around!
  • I went along on a home inspection for an 1872 farmhouse in Michigan Photogal and I are buying and learned more about the property than I thought one could just by looking at beams, joints, outlets, crawlspaces, and such. It was pretty cool, even if it did underline just how much work the place needs. Just what Photogal loves ... a project!
  • Last night's series finale of Mile High was pretty good, even if i was a bit mystified by the fact that most of the relatively moral characters met depressing ends while most of the devious characters had epiphanies leading to sunnier futures. I'm sorry to see the show go, even if it has been technically over for a few years since we don't get most BBC shows until long after they aired, but I'm even more sorry that there seems to be nothing good to watch on BBC America anymore. All of my favorite shows are either over or in hibernation. Bah!
  • We spent most of yesterday riding Photogal's BMW around town. It was such a beautiful day and seeing Chicago from the back of a motorcycle is a completely different experience. It's as if the city envelops you and reaches out to stroke your jacket as you pass jails and projects and high-fashion greenhouses and local over- and under-passes you didn't even know existed. parks speak to you. People brush past you, inches away. It's lovely. At the end, Photogal let me do a few practice runs up and down the alley on the bike, reminding me that while I've waited far too long it is TIME that I learn how to ride.
  • I also learned that Starbuck's hot chocolate does not stain jeans if you wash them quickly. Yes!
That does it for today, but here's a picture of the place we have a bid in on in Michigan. I'm calling it "Cowbell Manor" for now, but Photogal gets final say on the name (once we actually close, of course). Photogal has spoken and decided that the current name for the property shall be "Mayhem Manor".

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