Saturday, November 11, 2006

Saturday Shot.

I don't look like this anymore. I grew the moustache and beard for a Halloween costume i never actually followed through with. Last week Photogal got tired of my scratchy kisses and I got sick of being mistaken for a mountain man, so I shaved it all off and took about a decade off my appearance by doing so.

If I actually ever trim the mop on TOP of my head I'll look even younger. Dorian Gray, I tell you, Dorian Gray. I'm going to pay for this someday.

And here, I feel generous. This is a shot from last night's Chicagoist outing. I'm singing "Sweet Caroline." Seriously.

I would like to add that, inthe above photo, I am wearing my ol school donewaiting T-shirt and my brand new Chicagoist hoodie. Represent! For another perspective on the evening, as well as links to other folks who took pictures that night, check out Rachelle's recap of the evening. I guess I forgot to tell her that while now I am primarily known for DJing, once upon a time I was the frontman for a band!

Also, next week, look here for contest giveaways! I have two!

Bottom photo by Caroline

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